IRED Institute of Education (IRED Institute) is an independent education organization. Core activities of IRED Institute include researching, training, publishing, seminars and non-profit projects. In addition, IRED Institute is the co-founder and executive of OpenEdu Initiative... View more>>

Research is one of the five core activities of IRED.  Research projects of IRED are aimed to gain deeper understanding in current education situations in Vietnam.  They are also designed and conducted to better understand advanced education systems in the world.  In addition, studies conducted by IRED researchers focus on education history of Vietnam and other countries, thereby putting forth viable solutions and recommendations for effective education reform in the country.  Some main research areas include the following

  • Educational philosophy
  • Educational history
  • Comparative education
  • Current education problems
  • Educational leadership and management
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Collaborating with other institutions in Vietnam and abroad, IRED provides degree and non-degree training courses for educators, including school leaders, higher education administrators, teachers, educational professionals and graduates who wish to further their careers in the education field

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IRED works with DT Books Publishing Company – IRED’s publishing arm – to select and acquire the rights to translate and publish must-read books on education in the Vietnamese language.

  • The Global Achievement Gap
  • Montessori Today
  • The Teaching Gap
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IRED organizes and hosts education events at which educators and scholars from Vietnam and other countries can gather to discuss critical educational issues.   It also serves as a forum to share and generate ideas and best practices across nations.

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Below are the education-governing laws and sub-laws promulgated by Vietnam's Government and Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) since 2000.

Education Resources Information Center
General Statistics Office of Vietnam
HGSE Usable Knowledge